Jen Woo

Managing Editor of Rogue Habits & Lumoid

"Cherese has been a pleasure to work with, crafting content geared towards our very specific audience, and always coming with fresh new ideas that are as fun to read as they are informative."

Rebecca Lucas

Associate Professor of Elementary Education at Maryville College

"I've worked with Cherese Cobb on a variety of tasks and projects.  I value her work ethic, creativity, and dependability. I can depend on Cherese to anticipate project needs and prepare solutions before I have the chance to recognize there are needs.  That is just one example of her approach to managing a project. She is 2 or 3 steps ahead of the rest of the team at all times. Cherese masterfully attends to project details, but can also predict, resolve, and communicate unforeseen obstacles that may arise to ensure timely project completion.  If Cherese is on your team, you can be certain that your project goals will be met to the highest standards possible."

Stacy Wright

Former Editor for Atlanta Pet Life

"Cherese Cobb has authored a wide variety of articles for the Atlanta Pet Life magazine. Her writing style is engaging and always on topic. Cherese is very profession, her assignments are on time, she is on topic with assigned articles, observers word count requirements, and continues to have great ideas for new leads relevant for our readers. Several of our interviewees have mentioned her gracious and professional manner when she has represented for Atlanta Pet Life."

Evelyn Woodhead

Managing Editor of The Krazy Coupon Lady

"It has been my pleasure to work with Cherese for nearly a year now. Not only does she exude personality in her writing, she consistently expresses innovative and strong money-saving tips in a way that our readers love. Cherese has the ability to interview industry experts and summarize their knowledge using language that is easy to understand. When it comes to communicating via email, Cherese shows incredible professionalism. She is always open to feedback and works hard to ensure her posts meet our needs. Topic generation is a strength for Cherese. Her creativity and willingness to contribute new content was greatly appreciated at The Krazy Coupon Lady, and I look forward to working with her again in the future."

Sophie Lizard

Founder of Be A Freelance Blogger

"Cherese's writing is very well received by my blog's readers, and I believe that's because of the effort she puts into making her work fun to read, as well as, informative. She comes up with prize-winning ideas and fresh perspectives on timeworn topics so that my audience is never bored."

Lynn Julian

Musician, Designer, & Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor

"The article that Cherese wrote, and the effort she put forth to publish it, were very helpful to my healing. The Boston Marathon, the city of Boston, the state of Massachusetts, the United States, and the media at large refused to recognize my Service Dog, Lil Stinker, as a survivor of the Boston Marathon attack. In reality, he is an injured survivor living with severe PTSD. This left him unable to focus on me, which left him unable to perform his tasks as my Service Dog. Her article created awareness about my and his personal struggles and validated his inclusion as a "survivor."

Megan Grant

Managing Editor at Beyond Words

Cherese's content for Beyond Words was always amazing. She always turned in her assignments on time, and they needed little to no editing. Her work is original, thorough, and very well thought out. Cherese is also very easy to work with and always professional and friendly. I'd definitely love to work with her again.