2017 Ukiah Haiku Competition (1st place) 

12th Pumpkin Festival in the Town of Ivanić-Grad 2016 (3rd place)

 20th Kasamakura Haiku Competition (3rd place)

2014 International Polish Haiku Competition (3rd place)

2015 Be A Freelance Blogger Pitchfest: Blogging 911: Six Tips for Repairing a Blown-up Relationship (1st place)

2016 Be A Freelance Blogger Pitchfest: How to Hide Your Social Media Skeletons: A Freelance Blogger’s Survival Guide (2nd place)

Honorable Mentions

2016 Sharpening the Green Pencil Haiku Competition 

w2016 International Matsuo Basho Award 

8th Yamadera Bashō Haiku Contest

2016 Autumn Moon Haiku Contest

13th Pumpkin Festival in the Town of Ivanić-Grad 2017