My name is Cherese Cobb. As the whole brain writer, I blend cutting-edge research and beautiful prose to help people:

  • Connect with brands, businesses, ideas, and each other

  • Delve deeper into complicated, statistic-heavy issues

  • Stretch their minds with global stories

  •  And inspire people to take action

If you need:

  • Blogging

  • Creative writing, i.e. short stories or poetry

  • Investigative research

  • Journalistic articles

  • Content strategy

  • Honest and thorough feedback

  • Interviews

  • Editing

  • Photography

  • Or community brownie points

Let's work together!

If you become one of my favorite clients, you learn that:

  • I believe that coffee is a food group.

  • Rain, snow, or shine, if I'm not online, there's a good chance that I'm in my garden.

  • I'm a huge animal advocate. I'm also equally obsessed with cats, birds, and dogs.

  • I'm a caregiver.  Though, I should definitely have my "wheelchair" license revoked.

  • I'm a Messianic Jew with a challah and holiday decorating addiction.

  • I'm an introverted bookworm and giant nerd.

  • I've never stopped asking, "Why?" I'm also a natural-born go-getter with a knack for getting people to spill their guts. So, I always bring high-quality work to the table.

News & Upcoming Events:

Drop by Instagram and use the hashtag #cheresecobb to check out my Fall into Color Series. Other News: I'm the runner up in Three River's 2017 Pumpkin Haiku Festival in Crotia.

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